Accelerate your delivery, and build a sustainable execution in the meantime

Real Kinetic mentors clients to enable their technical teams to grow and build high-quality software. We use a holistic, team-based approach to accelerate your delivery, but in a way that makes your execution more sustainable long-term. This includes working through deep technical problems—such as cloud architecture, performance, and scalability—as well as organizational processes and leadership mentoring.

  • Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
  • Microservices and cloud architecture
  • DevOps and continuous delivery
  • High-performance, scalable, and fault-tolerant design
  • Engineering leadership and organizational processes

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Our Approach

You can't disentangle organizational structures and processes from technical challenges. We don't just blindly address a specific technical problem and leave. We look at the whole picture, find solutions that fit your business, and help you own them with a hands-on approach.

Our Team

You get access to our seasoned team—the right person, when you need them. We augment your team to help mentor them based on our experience. Our reputations are built on solving challenging problems in the cloud using a business-centric perspective.

Our Process

Real Kinetic approaches consulting using a declining-engagement model with an emphasis on mentorship. We believe this approach best positions our clients for long-term success while helping them deliver value quickly. After going through this process, our clients have found us to provide a valuable sounding board and offer critical technical and strategic guidance. We force important discussions and decisions and provide a bias for action. Learn more about our engagement process.


01 // Assessment

Our process begins with a review of the customer problem our client solves—the business value—and a discussion about where they are trying to go. After we have an understanding of the business, we dig in technically. Our technical reviews focus heavily on the platform and infrastructure architecture because this is often a source of complexity and overspending. We then document the gaps between where the client is and where they want to be. Our assessment allows us to customize our advice and subsequent discussions based on each client's unique needs.

Reviews and Collaboration

02 // Reviews and Collaboration

We use our assessment to inform our recommendations on best practices and guide discussions. We work closely with our clients to decide which items will bring the most value to their business. Walking through our assessment and recommendations helps us mentor teams and share our thought process. Our discussions help us further customize our suggestions for each client by identifying what is most important to their technical teams.


03 // Mentorship

We are passionate about helping companies rapidly deliver products that can be enhanced and extended over time. We share what we have learned from prior experiences and what we see as current industry best practices to help teams avoid the missteps we made ourselves. We do not tell our clients how to solve problems. Instead, we facilitate architectural discussions to help teams arrive at solutions they fully own. When this stage is complete, our client's team is on a path to continuous growth and improvement.

Our Team

We believe in shipping solutions built with good design fundamentals early to accelerate learning and reduce engineering time. We have experience in designing maintainable microservice-based software platforms. We believe understanding problems from the business and customer perspective is crucial to helping our clients develop high-value solutions.

Google Cloud Partner

We have nearly a decade of experience building and scaling applications on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We have built strong partnerships with teams in both organizations over the years and are widely regarded experts on both platforms.

Our team holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in Economics, Mathematical Optimization, Econometrics, Business, and Software Engineering as well as patents on techniques for storing, computing, and collaborating on data in distributed environments (1, 2, 3).

Robert Kluin

Robert Kluin

Managing Partner

Robert is an experienced technology executive and entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping companies develop engineering organizations that reliably deliver business value. At Workiva, Robert lead the operations engineering, infrastructure engineering, reliability engineering and support engineering groups to ensure 24x7 operations and ensure systems meet product engineering needs. He is a Google Cloud Platform Developer Expert.

Nick Joyce

Nick Joyce

Managing Partner

Nick is an industry veteran with deep expertise in continuous build, integration, and release systems. Having five years of experience with container-based systems, he often mentors teams responsible for container build, release, and orchestration. His primary goal is enabling engineering teams to safely manage their own services and reducing investment in infrastructure engineering. He is a Google Cloud Platform Developer Expert.

Tyler Treat

Tyler Treat

Managing Partner

Tyler is an experienced software engineer and technical leader. At Apcera, he worked on NATS, an open-source, high-performance messaging system for cloud-native applications. Before that, Tyler architected Workiva's microservice messaging platform. As an engineer, he's interested in distributed systems, messaging infrastructure, and resilience engineering. As a technical leader, he's interested in building effective teams. Tyler is also a frequent open-source contributor and avid blogger at

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Head of Client Experience

Mike has been working with technology teams to help them design, develop, and launch software products since 2005. He has worked in this capacity extensively with both large corporations and nimble startups. In 2006, he launched his own consumer-focused SaaS startup which he and his co-founders sold in 2011. He cares deeply about the less tangible, human elements and interactions that constitute a good experience for collaborating teams.

Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell

Staff Engineer

Alex is a software engineer passionate about continually learning and developing his skills. He most recently designed and implemented features and documentation for the Kubernetes command-line tooling. His previous projects have included writing a custom lexing, parsing, and formula-evaluation logic from scratch. Alex specializes in producing clear design documents and technical documentation.

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You gave my team a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and that helped our confidence to ship.

Rob Irby, Director of Engineering, On Center Software

We knew we found a great partner in Real Kinetic because they were unbiased in their recommendations, they provided the details we needed, not a canned response, and they established trust with facts, not opinion. We are now well positioned to make key strategic platform decisions.

Carsten Laaber & Craig Dugas, Director of Engineering, Schedulicty

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