• Software Architecture Conference London
    VIDEO: O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference London, October 2018
    Tyler Treat - Distributed Systems Are a UX Problem
    Distributed systems are not strictly an engineering problem. It's far too easy to assume a backend development concern, but the reality is there are implications at every point in the stack. Often the trade-offs we make lower in the stack in order to buy responsiveness bubble up to the top—so much, in fact, that it rarely doesn't impact the application in some way.
  • O'Reilly OSCON
    VIDEO: O'Reilly OSCON, July 2018
    Robert Kluin - A developer's guide to introducing a functional language at work
    Introducing a new programming language at work can be a challenge, especially if it is a functional language. Robert Kluin shares a failed attempt and an ongoing success story that will help you understand how to sell the idea to management and improve the odds that your pilot project will be a success.
  • LambdaConf
    VIDEO: LambdaConf, July 2018
    Beau Lyddon - Don't Worry About Monads
    Many of us have struggled to pick up functional languages. We've been scared off by the terminology: monads, monoids, functors. My goal is to show those afraid to jump in that there is room in the functional world for all of us, no matter your background or skills. I will show how you can not only learn functional languages without understanding those scary terms but that you can even ship production code.
  • DevOpsDays Des Moines
    VIDEO: DevOpsDays Des Moines, April 2018
    Tyler Treat - The Future of Ops
    Traditional Operations isn’t going away, it’s just retooling. The move from on-premise to cloud means Ops, in the classical sense, is largely being outsourced to cloud providers. What’s left is a thin but crucial slice between cloud providers and the products built by development teams, encompassing infrastructure and deployment automation, configuration management, log management, and monitoring and instrumentation—all through the lens of self-service.
  • DevOpsDays Des Moines
    VIDEO: DevOpsDays Des Moines, April 2018
    Beau Lyddon - What is Happening: Attempting to Understand Our Systems
    Our systems are growing, not only in size but also in complexity. There are more and more relationships between systems, often via fragile network connections. We’re increasingly integrating with systems outside of our control. Not only that, but these systems are more dynamic. While we increase expectations of uptime, we’ve also continued to increase the communication entropy in the system. Many systems now change by the hour. And this only captures a portion of the complexity. A question keeps getting asked that we struggle to answer: what is happening?
  • SCaLE 16x
    VIDEO: SCaLE 16x, March 2018
    Tyler Treat - Building a Distributed Message Log from Scratch
    Apache Kafka has shown that the log is a powerful abstraction for data-intensive applications. It can play a key role in managing data and distributing it across the enterprise efficiently. Vital to any data plane is not just performance, but availability and scalability. In this session, we examine what a distributed log is, how it works, and how it can achieve these goals. Specifically, we'll discuss lessons learned while building NATS Streaming, a reliable messaging layer built on NATS that provides similar semantics. We'll cover core components like leader election, data replication, log persistence, and message delivery. Come learn about distributed systems!
  • Colorado Tech Cast
    PODCAST: Colorado Tech Cast
    Robert Kluin - Episode 13
    Writing good OKRs is hard; OKRs require thought and iteration. A well written OKR, however, will align resources and empower contributors to make good decisions that support the business’ needs.
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  • Cloud Native London
    VIDEO: Cloud Native London, December 2017
    Nick Joyce - What is Istio?
    Istio is a service mesh to connect, manage and secure services running on Kubernetes. We discuss some of the core concepts of Istio and how adopting a service mesh can help you reduce development time, be more resilient to outages and aid in debugging a micro-service environment.
  • Strange Loop
    VIDEO: Strange Loop, September 2017
    Tyler Treat - So You Wanna Go Fast?
    Go's simplicity and concurrency model make it an appealing choice for backend systems, but how does it fare for latency-sensitive applications? In this talk, we explore the other side of the coin by providing some tips on writing high-performance Go and lessons learned in the process. We do a deep dive on low-level performance optimizations in order to make Go a more compelling option in the world of systems programming, but we also consider the trade-offs involved.
  • NATS Meetup
    VIDEO: Bay Area NATS Meetup, March 2016
    Tyler Treat - Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
    Tyler Treat gives a talk on how to embrace simplicity to solve complex infrastructure problems, and how shares more information on how his former company Workiva uses NATS for microservices communication.
  • Pycon 2013
    VIDEO: PyCon US, March 2013
    Beau Lyddon & Robert Kluin - Asset Management in Python
    With the growth of Coffeescript, Less, SASS, etc..., compiling the assets for your project is becoming more useful. This talk covers using a Python library called Webassets to automate your build process.