Our Process


Our process begins with a review of the customer problem our client solves - the business value - and a discussion about where they are trying to go. After we have an understanding of the business, we dig in technically. Our technical reviews focus heavily on the platform and infrastructure architecture because this is often a source of complexity and overspending. We then document the gaps between where the client is and where they want to be. Our assessment allows us to customize our advice and subsequent discussions based on each client’s unique needs.

We’ve been involved with consultants in our past and it felt like we were paying them to learn more than they were helping. We ask probing questions that provide immediate value to our clients throughout our assessment.


We use our assessment to inform our recommendations on best practices and guide discussions. We work closely with our clients to decide which items will bring the most value to their business. Walking through our assessment and recommendations helps us mentor teams and share our thought process. Our discussions help us further customize our suggestions for each client by identifying what is most important to their technical teams.

We are not "Ivory Tower" architects and we love getting our hands dirty. We focus on what's truly achievable, not unattainable ideal states.


We are passionate about helping companies rapidly deliver products that can be enhanced and extended over time. We share what we have learned from prior experiences and what we see as current industry best practices to help teams avoid the missteps we made ourselves. We do not tell our clients how to solve problems. Instead, we facilitate architectural discussions to help teams arrive at solutions they fully own. When this stage is complete, our client’s team is on a path to continuous growth and improvement.

It's incredibly important to us that we leave your team in a more capable position than when we engaged. We don't just solve the immediate problems, we strive to level up your team in the process.