Our Process

01 // ASSESS

Our first step is to spend a short time understanding the current environment and the desired outcomes of your team. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently understand our client's challenges and immediately begin adding value.

We've been involved with consultants in our past and it felt like we were paying them to learn more than they were helping. That's not us!


No two clients are alike, so we work together to determine the optimal way for our team to engage with yours. We will develop a plan to meet all critical business requirements, budgets, and schedules. We can do everything from coding to design sessions and code reviews.

We are not "Ivory Tower" architects and we love getting our hands dirty. We focus on what's truly achievable, not unattainable ideal states.

03 // MENTOR

Just as important as solving the problem is leaving your team in a position to own and maintain the solution. We are passionate about the work we do and strive to maximize knowledge transfer.

It's incredibly important to us that we leave your team in a more capable position than when we engaged. We don't just solve the immediate problems, we strive to level up your team in the process.