Architecture and implementation of an automated and scalable Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment build, test, and deployment pipeline.

  • Used by over 300 engineers
  • 1M builds to date

Design and implementation of a high-performance, real-time messaging system used to back a social-media application.

  • 90 Million registered accounts
  • 5 Million active accounts
  • Deal with an average of 50,000 concurrent Websocket connections

Transition of an engineering organization from a 3 month release cycle to a daily release process.

  • Moved the org from SVN to GIT and helped train the teams on the new technology.
  • Switched to continuous delivery via automated testing from manual testing

Architecture and implementation of a next generation IaaS/PaaS system used for deploying critical business applications that require PCI/Fedramp compliance.

  • Over 100 services deployed and working together
  • ~1500 deploys per week
  • In production use by nearly 70% of the top 500 US public companies

Implementation of a distributed computation system with consistent snapshots used by thousands of companies for financial reporting.

  • Computation graphs with thousands of connections
  • Over a trillion persisted nodes
  • Supported 2000/qps

Development of real-time clustering algorithms for high-frequency streaming data.

  • App scaled from a few thousand users to over 90 million users in under 3 months.